Is aromatherapy beneficial for relieving period symptoms?
MenstruationPeriods and PMS

Is aromatherapy beneficial for relieving period symptoms?

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When we think about period symptoms (or PMS), one thing often concerns us – mood swings! We all have those days when even the coolest ice-cream is not enough to make us feel better. And that is okay! 

As we listened to what our community had to say, we decided to look for a way that can help with mood swings during PMS. Soon, we discovered that aromatherapy, especially aromatic or essential oils, can be beneficial in relieving PMS symptoms

Aromatherapy is the use of organic compounds to improve our moods or mental state.  These organic compounds are called essential oils. They are obtained by distilling various aromatic plant parts such as roots, seeds, leaves, and blossoms.  

How does it work?
Essential oils can work through different ways:
  1. When the oil interacts with the body by skin absorption, the chemicals flow into the bloodstream. They can also be absorbed by the inhalation.
  2. Once inhaled, the nerve cells in the upper part of the nose detect the smell and send a message to the brain. This message travels through an area of the brain that is built with olfactory nerve, called olfactory bulb. 
  3. The moment the olfactory bulb gets the message, it spreads the smell to the other neighbouring areas of the brain, called the limbic system.

This limbic system plays an important role in determining our mood. This is where the essential oil’s smell begins to relieve the senses. 

The emotionally suggestive nature of their smells not only help provide relief from our mood swings, but can also contribute largely to our physical wellness. 

Other than improving our mood, essential oils also have several benefits. To understand them better, we spoke to aromatherapy expert Sheetal Wathodkar.

  • Boosts our immunity – The antimicrobial nature of essential oils help our body immunise itself from infections.
Aroma Therapy helps to Boost our Immunity
  • Good for the brain – Essential oils help stimulate the limbic system of the brain which is responsible for our mood.
Aroma Therapy is Good for the brain
  • Helps with digestion – Essential oils can also help relieve digestive issues like reducing bloating, irritable bowel movement, and constipation.

Essential oils are a great resource for improving mood, helping with anxiety, and helping you find balance and feel centred. They can help with lifestyle improvements, along with maintaining proper diet and regular exercise.  So we created products to help you to just this!

Take a look at Balance here.

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