Moody and Menstruating
MenstruationPeriods and PMS

Moody and Menstruating

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Wednesday 5 PM: My period is due in 2 days. Ugh! According to my tracker, it’s coming on Friday.

Thursday 11 AM: Oh hello, pimple. I was expecting you to show up and RUIN MY LIFE!

Friday 2 PM: I’m going to get it any minute now. Should I plan ahead and order dessert for tonight? I deserve it because I’m getting my period and it’s Friday night. Right? Or should I order spicy noodles?

Saturday 7 PM: It’s late. It’s laaaate. Oh my god. Why is it late!? I’ve been waiting for it all week. Is something wrong with me?? I want it to come so badly!

Sunday 3 AM: Um, what’s that wet feeling? I’m too tired to get out of bed and check…

Sunday 10 AM: Can’t stop yawning. Woke up in the middle of the night because my period decided to show up. Thank god though. 

Sunday 10:01 AM: I need coffee.

Sunday 10:15 AM: Coffee is awesome. I wish I could make it my boyfriend.

Sunday 11 AM: ARGH now my back hurts. I think I’ll just get back into bed.

Sunday 11:30 AM: I’m basically a really, really moody tap. 

Monday 8 AM: It’s a new day! I feel so much better! Being a woman is thrilling.

Sounds familiar? Do you go on this little roller coaster adventure every month? I sure do!

While it’s great fodder for your girls’ Whatsapp group as you compete for the title of Most Unhinged, moodiness around the time you menstruate can leave you feeling uncentered and lost. 

To add to it, the reputation Mood Swings have unfairly been assigned can result in you scrambling to make excuses for behaviour you were unable to control in the first place. Instead of spending energies in correcting the false narrative.

Isn’t it exhausting? To be the one feeling unbalanced, but also the one to have to manage it for yourself and everybody else. 

Making strides to ensure the responsibility falls on every human’s shoulders equally might take time, and it’s a journey we want to walk with you on. (Walk only, please. That’s all I can manage right now; I’m on my period, remember!)

In the meanwhile, perhaps we can help you find that balance.

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