Lockdown 5.0: From us to you
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Lockdown 5.0: From us to you

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Dear #NuaWoman community,

We hope that everyone is at home – feeling positive and staying healthy.

We’re doing our very best to make sure that our products reach you on time, but we have also tried to find other ways in which we can be there for you during lockdown.

Here’s a quick update on everything we’ve been up to:

  1. A destination devoted to your mental wellbeing

It’s very normal for us to feel anxious about the unprecedented situation we are in. Of course, it’s imperative that we follow the government’s regulations to ensure that we stay safe, but we realise the importance of creating a safe space for you to express your anxieties and receive necessary guidance. In collaboration with our Mental Health expert Ishita Pateria, we held a live Instagram session where she gave our community a few tips on how to feel calm and secure during lockdown. After the amazing response the Live session got, we decided to give you more – Mind + Matter – 3 online workshops conducted by Ishita and moderated by us, attended by 20 community members on the first three Saturdays in May. The concerns of our community members were personally addressed and they also got a chance to interact with one another.

  1. A virtual space to fill your void

How often have we heard that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop? During this quarantine, while some of us seem to be working longer hours and some simply cannot work from home, we decided to organise a few events to keep you engaged. We collaborated with our expert on Nutrition, Huda Shaikh who shared recipes and tips on how to whip up a nutritious but easy-to-make meal. We also created a Spotify playlist to drive away the quarantine and PMS blues! Not being able to leave the house during this time also means an opportunity for self- care – guest written by beauty therapist Mala Punwani, we shared 9 ways to have refreshing and glowing skin during this lockdown. We also organised a week full of celebration in honour of Menstrual Hygiene Day, starting with talking to experts about topics such as skin care during PMS and PCOD, using fitness to beat PMS and overcoming period pain through a healthy lifestyle . We ended the series with a fun evening of music by our in-house singing stars Aarti + Colleen as a ‘thank you’ to our community!

  1. A small donation goes a long way for women in need

During the lockdown, women in underprivileged communities are facing an acute shortage of sanitary pads due to limited access and loss of income. They are also unable to manage their period safely and with dignity. Therefore, we launched an initiative in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, YWater India and the Navi Mumbai hub of the Global Shapers Community called Project Prerna. Our aim is to supply pads to 30,000 women in urgent need. Read more about this here.

  1. A few steps we have taken to ensure your safety

Your safety has always been our top priority and hence we have made sure to maintain the highest levels of hygiene while delivering our sanitary pads to you.

Warehouse Hygiene

We really hope we’ve helped make your lockdown slightly better and we promise to deliver more to keep you engaged.

We’re all in this together and we’ll get through it – hopefully sooner than we think!

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