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Project Prerna

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Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them”
– Roald Dahl

We’d like to start by asking you to picture three scenarios:

  1. A place where 6 out of 10 women do not have access to menstrual hygiene products, such as sanitary pads. What if their best case were to use a piece of cloth or a rag?
  2. Next, imagine a situation where women are unable to access any essentials, including pads.
  3. Now, imagine if we or any of our loved ones faced this situation.

Sadly, the first 2 scenarios are true. Over 60% of women in India do not have access to menstrual hygiene products. This situation has been made worse by COVID-19, where women in containment zones have restricted access to essentials, including sanitary pads.

Project Prerna

At Nua, our goal has always been to help solve real problems that women face, be it through great products, an impactful community or a personalised experience. We have applied the same philosophy to Project Prerna, our initiative to help women most affected by COVID-19. Our goal with Project Prerna is simple: support 30,000 women with a supply of sanitary pads.

How are we doing this?

We decided to pursue the areas where Nua can have the greatest impact – underprivileged communities in containment zones in Mumbai. To do this, we partnered with The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (BMC), YWater and Global Shapers Navi Mumbai hub (part of the World Economic Forum).

Along with our sanitary pads, we also provide a pamphlet in Marathi and Hindi detailing usage instructions, hygiene and safe disposal practices.

Immediate Impact

Between 15th and 18th May, we donated 40,000 Nua sanitary pads to women in Indira Nagar 2, Chikkalwadi, Zakir Husen Nagar and Maharashtra Nagar in Mankhurd, Mumbai.

On May 27th, we donated 20,000 Nua sanitary pads to women in the Baiganwadi, Shivajinagar, Panjrapole, Cheeta Camp, Vashi Naka, Lumbini Baug, Sathe Nagar, Mankhurd Sector D and Ekvira Vishnu Nagar, Bharatnagar communities.

Let’s create tiny miracles together

While we are making progress on raising funds to support 30,000 women, we can use all the help we can get. For every Rs. 75 you donate, you ensure 1 month supply of sanitary napkins to a woman. In doing so, you will also contribute towards her overall menstrual health and awareness.

A donation of:

  • Rs. 750 will support 10 women
  • Rs. 1,500 will support 20 women
  • Rs. 3,000 will support 40 women
  • Rs. 15,000 will support 200 women

We’d be humbled by any support for this cause. Let’s create a series of tiny miracles together.

By Abhishek Ramanathan, Chief Operating Officer – Nua

Abhishek Ramanathan
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Abhishek Ramanathan is the Chief Operating Officer at Nua. He has over 18 years of global experience in e-commerce, consulting and technology, including leadership roles at Flipkart, Booz & Company and SAP.
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