Men and Menstruation: This is where the conversation begins
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Men and Menstruation: This is where the conversation begins

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Menstruation is as simple and necessary as oxygen, and as rhythmic as the heart beat. And talking about it should be as normal as menstruation itself! Which is why, at Nua we always want to include more and more voices in creating a safe space for dialogues around menstrual wellness.

Through our strong community of women, we have been able to create conversations not only on menstruation but everything about it. 

All of this is important because our menstrual wellness depends on how we treat our bodies. To treat our bodies properly, we need to be informed and more open to talking about menstruation. 

But should we talk about it alone? 

While we have created a safe space for women to talk about menstruation, we want to expand that space to men as well. 

We spoke to the gyno-couple, Dr. Molina Patel and Dr. Niket Patel, to understand how men can be included in the conversation, where is the fine line between them being an ally and overstepping, and where does it all begin.

Dr. Molina and Dr. Niket
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Dr. Molina and Dr. Niket Patel have been passionate about their path to become gynaecologists ever since they were young. They both did their Diploma in Reproductive Medicine from Kiel Germany and now work as Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Akanksha Hospital and Research Institute in Gujarat.
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