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The importance of menstrual hygiene

July 29, 2018

Female menstrual hygiene and menstrual care is important, not just during your periods but otherwise too! During your periods keeping your genitals clean is imperative. Women are generally more susceptible to bacterial infections during their period because of the change in the vagina’s PH level. Follow these simple steps to have a more bearable and infection free period: 1) Wash your genital area Take lukewarm water and thoroughly wash your vaginal area. Steer away from using perfumed shower gels or…

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6 health risks of poor menstrual hygiene
Periods Vaginal Health

6 health risks of poor menstrual hygiene

With the average woman going through 350 periods in her lifetime, you’d think women are aware of the actual dos and don’ts during that time of the month. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Among all the taboos, myths and chaos that surround periods there’s…

October 31, 2017