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MenstruationPeriods and PMS

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The only thing all women have in common is that every month, we all experience the one body function that’s mentioned in hushed tones – our period.

When we search for the meaning behind the word ‘periods’ or ‘period flow’ for the first time, after hearing it from our friends, our mother, or even a slapstick joke, it often leads to more confusion. We’ll find some works indicating that periods are dirty and need cures, while some thoughts focus on why the word should not be mentioned out loud.

In India, periods are largely misunderstood by the population. The stigma of shame has latched onto it for centuries – but why does it have to be such a big deal even today?

Just like every person’s fingerprints are unique, so is our period flow. Some women experience acute pain, while some are comfortable enough to be active. Some women crave certain food items, while others settle for their favourite movie and a cup of tea.

We, at Nua, believe that doing what you love is the biggest act of self-service during your menstrual cycles for your period flow. Whatever suits you, we want you to #GoWithYourFlow.

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Our menstrual cycles can fluctuate hormones in a way that could affect our period flow, our moods, our diet, and even our sex drives – so why should there be a one-for-all approach? Just like the ocean tide relies on the waves of the sea, we too must rely on our body’s signals to help it function to the best of its capacity to #GoWithYourFlow. 

At the end of the day, it is our responsibility to listen to what our bodies are telling us, even if that means lounging in pajamas or powering through those days. Our menstrual cycles mark the journey to womanhood, and there’s nothing more powerful than taking control of our bodies’ needs.

A period is our monthly guest and no one else’s business. Tune into what your body requires, whether it’s quick or slow. Don’t let that anxiety grow, just #GoWithYourFlow 😉

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