On the wonder drink that lets your period symptoms take a break!
MenstruationPeriods and PMS

On the wonder drink that lets your period symptoms take a break!

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There are days when we want to sleep for as long as we can. We don’t want to get up or do what we have listed down for the day – we keep it aside and tell ourselves, “I don’t want to.”

And there are days when we do everything in one go but when the time to sleep arrives, we cannot sleep anymore. Our bodies are simply too tired to rest. 

Fatigue appears in many forms and during our periods it can take a toll on our bodies. 

Imagine a plant. It bursts out of a seed and then stretches itself over months and years. It then goes on to flourish across the seasons, but the plant always needs sufficient nutrients to grow. 

Similarly, our bodies work in cycles – across months and seasons -each cycle bringing with it many invisible changes. For our bodies to manage during those changes – when it feels low or is unable to find the energy it needs – we have to provide it with sufficient fuel.

During a time when we are isolated, fatigue can also be mental and be the outcome of a repeated routine. When we do the same things every single day without any change, our bodies gradually begin to feel exhausted. Especially, during our periods, fatigue and isolation can be overwhelming. 

We have felt it, too! And so we want to take this situation and do something to make it better. 

Like we did in the past – by letting you take control of your cycle with a customisable period plan and bringing to you Cramp Comfort so that you can go about your day the way you want to – we are introducing a wonder drink solution to give you nourishment when you need it the most. 

Based on the many conversations that we have had with you, this solution gives us the scope to once again be a part of your menstrual journey. 

In the coming days of June, we will talk more about this solution and share ways in which it can help you. We will give you a more detailed look into the product, its usefulness, and how it can help manage your period better. 

So stay tuned for more information on InSync!

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