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Women’s Day – A reflection on the highs and lows of 2017

December 10, 2019

Who run the world? Girls! 2017 sure sealed the deal on that. It showed us no matter how big the obstacle, together, women can breakthrough not just a glass ceiling but also a brick wall. Having said that, there have been some major setbacks for global women’s rights as well. For every positive achievement, there has also been an equal and opposite downfall. So here we are, standing on the brink of a new year and looking back at the…

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Haldi kum-kum

Celebrating Haldi Kumkum Ceremony as a woman of today

January comes and then women all around the country gear up to celebrate haldi kumkum, a ceremony which follows Makar Sankranti – the first festival to kick-start the year. It also happens to be the only Hindu festival based on the position of the…

January 13, 2018