The unique power of our being
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The unique power of our being

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It is quite natural to write a letter to some of the most important women in our lives in a month that celebrates International Women’s Day. We want to wish them all the luck – that they may succeed in everything they want to do, and that inequality is never a part of their lives. But do these wishes stop after (or before) March? 

We don’t believe so.

While this is the day when we celebrate all the bravehearts who make sure that women get what they deserve, it is also the day when we look at each other and recognise ourselves. 

Women’s bodies are like anthologies. One chapter ends to make place for the other to begin.

And since the very first one, we teach ourselves where to add the punctuation, how to make the edits, what should be the rhythm, and procrastinating the conclusion. While one anthology tends to follow a pattern, another may experiment. Perhaps featuring both romance and thriller on a single page, where most of the time, we cannot wait to know what more is in store! And then it’s on to the next. We go with the flow, turning the page. 

We have been listening a lot lately. to your stories and your desire to learn more. We know that those few days in the month are not enough to make you stop. Everything else drops like an autumn leaf but you go on. 

And so, despite celebrating women every day, every month, and every year, we’re delighted to make a few very special announcements in time for this International Women’s Day. 

One: We’re launching a new series – Period & I – with a powerhouse woman we can’t wait for you to meet. 

Two: You will soon be able to download a set of guides that will tell you everything you want to know about your body. 

Three: You might have noticed – we have a new look! Tell us what you think?

Four: All this month, we’re talking about #PeriodPower. Follow along and we hope to see you participate in the conversations.

Five, Six, Seven and Eight: Many, many more exciting and new things are making their way from us, to you. Stay tuned!

As always, it’s a busy month at Nua. Just don’t forget to celebrate the dynamic being which you are and find strength in the uniqueness of your existence. It’s your month, your day and your year. More #PeriodPower to you.

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