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The importance of menstrual hygiene

July 29, 2018

Female menstrual hygiene and menstrual care is important, not just during your periods but otherwise too! During your periods keeping your genitals clean is imperative. Women are generally more susceptible to bacterial infections during their period because of the change in the vagina’s PH level. Follow these simple steps to have a more bearable and infection free period: 1) Wash your genital area Take lukewarm water and thoroughly wash your vaginal area. Steer away from using perfumed shower gels or…

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Meeting the gynaecologist
Menstrual Health PMS

Decoding Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Around 90% of women experience some symptoms of PMS during their period. While PMS has the unique capability to bond women together, it can also draw them apart from everyone else. PMS is often misconstrued because of the ambiguous symptoms it entails. Premenstrual syndrome…

July 22, 2018
Comfort Foods
Nutrition PMS

Top 5 foods to satisfy your period cravings

Comfort foods are the best way to explain the relation between food and happiness. Why does the thought of a steaming mug of coffee and a plate of fritters bring a smile to your face when it is raining? Is it just because they…

January 11, 2018