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Valentine’s day gifts your #PeriodPartner would love

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Celebrating valentine’s day involves a few important traditions of eating chocolates and receiving cards with red hearts but one unfortunate valentine’s day gift could be the arrival of your period for you or the most supportive ally during this duration, your #PeriodPartner. While most of us hope to avoid cramps, bloating, and fatigue on this day, it could become a reality for a few of us. But, that doesn’t mean one can’t be treated by some pampering valentine’s day gifts to manage their period better.

Also, we know your #PeriodPartner changes as you grow. From mothers, sisters, friends, partners and even you can be there to help your loved ones during this time. 

Here are a few ideas for valentine’s day gifts for you and your #PeriodPartner:

1. Valentine’s Day Kit 

valentine's day gift - pamper kit

Taking all your period needs into mind, we’ve created a special Valentine’s Day Kit to help you or your loved ones manage your period symptoms in comfort. This kit includes 12 of our new and improved Sanitary Pads for your different flow days. Boost your mood and fight fatigue with Uplift, a nutrition drink mix and sit back while our Cramp Comfort pain relief patch provides you with some much-needed warmth. If you’re dealing with stressed out skin, spread the Detoxifying Clay Mask on your face and light a candle to help you forget about it while it takes care of it for you. It’s the ultimate valentine’s day gift one could have.

Get your hands on this exclusive kit right here. PS: Some extra goodies might be in it too!

2. Complete Acne Control Solution

valentine's day gift - acne kit

No pamper routine is complete without a skincare routine. Since your skin is affected due to the hormonal changes during your monthly cycles, your skin would have excess sebum and acne. To make sure your skin’s health is taken care of along with your acne, our Complete Acne Control Solution kit would make the perfect valentine’s day gift for you and your dearest friends. With our Pore Cleansing Face Wash, Oil-free Gel Moisturizer, Detoxifying Clay Mask, and Acne Healing Patch sheet, your skincare needs will be complete. What’s even better is that these products are formulated to help strengthen your natural skin barrier, making them good for your skin all year round.

Shop the Complete Acne Control Solution kit here.

3. Balance: The mood-boosting roll-on

valentine's day gift - balance

Finding the right balance to manage your period symptoms can be a challenge, but with the right product, you can notice an improvement in your mood. Aromatherapy which uses a blend of essential oils has been proven to help with period symptoms. Our mood-boosting roll-on, Balance, is formulated with 100% pure essential oils to help relieve stress, irritability and comes in travel-friendly packaging. It’s a great choice for a valentine’s day gift for your stressed-out self.

Click here to buy it NOW

4. A personal period ritual

valentine's day gift - routine

Your valentine’s day gift can be one that you can enjoy all for yourself! We often tend to push self-care to the back of the list of things to do, but this would be the best time to check it off. Create a customized period ritual filled with things you would enjoy. From a few minutes of meditation to binging on your favourite rom-com with some chocolates; the options are endless. Whatever makes you feel good should (obviously) be your top priority.

Having your period on this day doesn’t mean you need to cancel your plans but it’s about making sure you put your period needs first. This year, after all the hardships you’ve been through, the best valentine’s day gift should give you all the love and care you deserve.

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