MenstruationPeriods and PMS

WATCH: Deepika Padukone reveals the truth about period cramps

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We all know that when our period arrives, period cramps will ultimately show up and cause discomfort. Unlike other period ads, we understand that period cramps and syptoms shouldn’t be ignored. It’s time to prioritize yourself by taking time to help soothe your period cramps instead! See how Deepika Padukone describes it: 

Let’s be more vocal about our needs to take care of this discomfort, with products that help to #GoWithYourFlow.

No matter where you are, it’s important to sit back, relax and take some time to help yourself feel better, one Cramp Comfort at a time just like Deepika Padukone does 🙂

We know how tough it can be to manage your periods and their symptoms, but with our range of period care products, we want to make the task a bit easier for you! Shop it all here.

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    MenstruationPeriods and PMS

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