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Cramp Comfort: our response to your period pain

October 3, 2020
A Cramp Comfort story: when we listened and responded to period pain

Every woman experiences a cycle that is unique to her body and her period pain depends on it. It is estimated that close to 70% women in India experience period pain that can cause tiredness and discomfort. This kind of fatigue can keep us away from doing the things that we want to do . Even if that is something as tiny as making ourselves a warm bowl of soup. After speaking to over 1 lakh women in our community,…

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We are listening (and we are excited!)
Community Periods

We are listening (and we are excited!)

Are you reading this while hunched over your desk? Or are you sprawled on your sofa taking a reading break? Or are you… on the pot? Wherever you are, welcome to a new month at Nua, with an extra virtual hug for those who…

October 1, 2020
Menstrual Health PCOD/PCOS

PCOD – here’s what you need to know!

“PCOD”; you’ve possibly heard the abbreviation being used quite frequently. While we know that it is a disorder associated with menstruation, we don’t realise how common it is. More often than not, PCOD/PCOS goes undetected for a long period of time due to a…

June 9, 2018
Comfort Foods
Nutrition PMS

Top 5 foods to satisfy your period cravings

Comfort foods are the best way to explain the relation between food and happiness. Why does the thought of a steaming mug of coffee and a plate of fritters bring a smile to your face when it is raining? Is it just because they…

January 11, 2018
Periods Work Life

How to ace your work day during your period

Work days during your period can be tough. Are you one those people who hopes that your period would start on a weekend, so you can have a productive weekday? You’re not alone in thinking that menstruation affects productivity. Cramps, heavy flow days, pimples,…

January 2, 2018
Menarche se Menopause Tak
Menstrual Health Periods

The menstrual journey – From menarche to menopause

Right, so in the journey of a uterus, there are two important milestones – Menarche (pronounced like ‘anarchy’ for some reason) and Menopause (pronounced ‘hot flashes’, ‘mood swings’ and ‘general misery’ for obvious reasons). The meaning of menarche is the beginning of the reproductive…

November 8, 2017
Beat the PMS blues
Menstrual Health PMS

5 tips to reduce PMS symptoms

The term PMS refers to the physical, mental and emotional changes that occur on days preceding the menstrual cycle. As if the worrisome days of menstruation weren’t enough they are preceded by Premenstrual Syndrome. While PMS is a useful reminder to stack up the…

October 26, 2017