We are listening (and we are excited!)
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We are listening (and we are excited!)

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Are you reading this while hunched over your desk? Or are you sprawled on your sofa taking a reading break? Or are you… on the pot? Wherever you are, welcome to a new month at Nua, with an extra virtual hug for those who are on their periods right now.

Speaking of – okay, okay, you got us, we’ll use any excuse to talk about periods! – did you know that over 336 million girls and women in India menstruate? That’s right. 336,000,000. Menstruation is a normal and healthy part of life, and still, most women go through extreme struggles to manage their period every month.

336,000,000 women. Every month. Every year.

While you work out the math, you’re probably also wondering what these struggles are. Everything from being able to access period management products, to dealing with physical, emotional and cultural stressors – bleeding, cramps, acne, nausea, fatigue, bloating, irritability, mood swings, loss of appetite, myths and superstitions that force a change in routine or alienate you from what you know. None of this sits right with us.

Which is why at Nua, we’re thinking about how we can help you with each one of these things. From building a customisable period plan that gives you complete control of your cycle, to empowering you with information about what’s happening in your body, to giving you access to experts.

We’re happy to tell you that October 2020 will add to this list. Soon, we will be making an exciting announcement about something new, something innovative, and something that we know you need.

This exuberance might seem out of character, but it’s coming quite easily – simply because it’s based on thousands of conversations we’ve had with you.

We’re listening. And we’re so very excited.

Everytime you tell us what you’re going through, the idea wheels start turning. How can we solve this to help you and millions of deserving Indian women? What can we innovate here? Come 15th October, we will be launching a new product that at best, will help you with one of the biggest period pain points (psst, there’s a hint in that sentence), and at the very least, will help you manage your day better. Either way, we will consider ourselves blessed.

We can’t wait to show you what it is. Hopefully, the next virtual group hug for menstruating Nua women will be a little tighter and a lot more warmer (psst, that was another hint!). Okay, we’ll stop teasing now. Stay tuned!

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