5 Grandma-approved remedies to manage cramps
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5 Nani-approved remedies to manage cramps

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Cramps and period pain are unfortunate side effects every woman experiences during her menstrual cycle. Though the intensity of cramps vary from mild to extremely painful, there are a few home remedies for period cramps to manage the pain and discomfort better and achieve period pain relief. 

Rather than going down the medicinal path, here are a few natural remedies for period cramps that have been beneficial for tough days! 

Let’s take a look at 5 such remedies for period cramps: 

1. Applying heat 

We have all had our fair share of experiences with refilling a hot water bag constantly to help soothe period pain. But the bag becomes too hot and also, the lack of movement is limiting. Upgrade to our innovative heat patch, Cramp Comfort, that provides heat for upto 8 hours, is made of natural ingredients, and is discreet when you’re on the move. Learn more about why you should use our Nua Cramp Comfort.

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2. Avoiding certain food

You will often hear the ladies in your homes advising you on what to eat during your period for stomach pain. Bloating and water retention is very common during your period, so to avoid those issues, you need to stay away from food with high salt content (bye bye chips), caffeine and alcohol. Instead eat foods that help relieve menstrual cramps such as fresh fruits and veggies, and even some tea for period pain relief. 

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3. Essential oils for stress relief

Research shows that a 20 minute oil massage can help reduce with period pain relief around your abdomen, sides, back and anywhere else on your body. Adding essential oils into the mix can also help you with PMS. Nua’s Balance roll-on, our natural and aromatherapy backed roll-on uses a blend of essential oils to help you manage your premenstrual syndrome a bit better. 

period pain relief + home remedies for period cramps

4. Staying hydrated

Your body tends to dehydrate easily during your period, making you cramp easily and more frequently throughout the day. It’s essential for you to drink a minimum of 1 liter of water per day to stay sufficiently hydrated.You may need to drink more when you’re tired or simply thirsty.

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5. Yoga 

Yoga is a holistic approach that you can take during your menstrual cycles. It helps relax the body, mind and soul to help reduce period pain from cramps and balances out your emotional distress by releasing endorphins in your body. Take a look at different yoga poses that help with cramps. Read more about the relation between yoga for cramps and PMS.

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