5 ways to take the pandemic stress off your mind
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5 ways to take the pandemic stress off your mind

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Who could have thought that 2020 – the year that was supposed to be OUR YEAR – was the year to stay at home? It is and unfortunately, there is little we can do about it. But like everything else, this COVID-19 lockdown brought its share of bittersweet experiences.

We are stressed out. Constantly being at home, not being able to meet our friends, and wondering if the world will ever go back to what it was, we do feel anxious sometimes. Yet all of us are doing our best to cope with these times. Some of us are spending those long due hours with our family. Some of us are catching up on new hobbies. While some of us are working around the clock to make sure that we meet deadlines.

To take some stress off our minds, here are 5 ways that can help all of us:

1. Unwind with a mindful workout

Isn’t this a truly good opportunity to workout? We are at home and we are in control of our time. So let’s squeeze in an extra hour of sweating and keeping ourselves fit! This might also be the perfect time to actually chalk out our morning or evening routine, and stick to it without the hassle of, “Oh I need to get to the gym in an hour!” You know what we mean.

Workout for stress relief

2. Go shopping online… even for your pads!

We are all a little guilty of binge shopping. We might just have also overdone it – only by a bit. But that’s okay. At this time, it is a safer option to stay home and order our things online. We can also choose to opt for a period plan that will help us get our sanitary napkins right on time and at our doorstep. This way there’s no need to worry about stepping out to buy pads during a lockdown.

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3. Plan Zoom dates with your friends

Not that we want to be the devil here but hey! What can be a better time than this to bunk a meeting and just chat with your friends. We are all doing it – switching off the webcam, muting ourselves and gleefully talking to our mates. It’s okay. Go on. We won’t tell!

Zoom dates with friends

4. Keep the little things closer

The Monica Gellar in us is very much alive and we are making sure that our room is neat and clean, at last. So why not put order to the chaos of our little things, too! Arrange the pens, pencils, sticky notes, glue sticks, sanitary pads, and candies in a pouch that can easily be placed on any corner of the desk or room.

Nua Pink Pouch

5. Give your Mama a bear hug

Most of us haven’t been this close to our family in a really long time. And those of us who have, we probably haven’t spent much time at home. Now is the time to give your mother that long, tight hug you have been meaning to give for a long time. Go ahead and give her one from us, too!

Soft Hug for Stress Relief

We are all in this together and we completely get it if you are finding it difficult to get by. You can always share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, shop our stash of products or DM us – we are safe (wink wink!)

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