Cramp Comfort: Made of natural ingredients for sustainable disposal
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Cramp Comfort: made of natural ingredients for sustainable disposal

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Period cramps annoy all of us for one reason – it pauses our day. Every woman experiences it and, keeping that in mind, we tried to find a solution that can ease things out. After talking to our community members and discussing with our experts, we came up with Cramp Comfort. A self-heating patch that you can easily wear in your underwear and go about your day, hassle-free.

It is a safe, effective, and innovative product that is made of ingredients which are 100% natural, such as

Cramp Comfort - Ingredients

After use, once the patch cools down it should be cut open and it can then be disposed in the following three ways:

1. Take out the ingredients, and throw the outer cover with dry waste. The ingredients can be mixed with 5-10 litres of water (per patch) and used as a fertiliser for your own garden or potted plants. The iron in the patch acts as an excellent fertiliser.

Cramp Comfort as a fertiliser

2. After the patch is cut open, the ingredients can be disposed of with the wet waste or kitchen waste and the outer cover should be thrown with  the dry waste.

Cramp Comfort - Disposal Method 2

3. Throw both the outer cover and the ingredients along with your garbage. This garbage will be later picked up and taken to a landfill, where  the ingredients will decompose in land.

Cramp Comfort - Disposal Method 3

Nua’s Cramp Comfort is designed for easy functionality and to increase productivity even on the days when the cramps can really put you down. However, the heat patch provides sufficient comfort to get you through the day. So, get your Cramp Comfort here and get up to 8 hours of relieve from period pain. Shop our other period care products here.

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