Cramp Comfort + Nua Team = Goodbye Period Pain!
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Cramp Comfort + Nua Team = Goodbye Period Pain!

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We take it seriously when you tell us something. So when we heard the women in our community talk about period pain, we realised that we had to do something about it.

We came up with Cramp Comfort, a self-heating patch that hugs your body warmly to give you relief from period pain for up to 8 hours. An expert-led product Cramp Comfort is made of natural ingredients which means you can use them as fertilisers for your potted plant.

Our team at Nua came together to tell you why we chose a heat patch for you. Hear the women talk about the journey of Cramp Comfort right here.

Cramp Comfort is a soothing, portable, and comforting alternative to a hot water bag. Get your pack here and go with the flow.

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