Unknown causes of acne

Did you know these 6 unknown causes of acne?

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We’re usually pretty prompt with making sure we’re aware of what goes in and out of our bodies to stay fit, such as fluctuating hormones, and keep any possible illnesses and stress away, but we often forget that we could be following certain practices that could be affecting our skin more than usual. Have you experienced this too? If the answer to that is a loud and resounding yes, we’re giving you an insight into why that could be. Here are 6 unknown and unintentional causes of acne:

1) Excess of dairy and sugar

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As much as we love our chocolates and cheeses, research has shown that an excess of dairy products and sugars can increase a hormone called IG-1 which can trigger breakouts. This does not mean that you need to cut them out of your diet permanently. You can start by switching to slightly healthier alternatives like dark chocolate or light cheese, and over time you can reduce the number of times you eat them in a week.

2) Leftover hair products 

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While showering, it’s important to wash and condition the scalp and lengths of your hair to keep them healthy and nourished but at times, the last rinse off could leave behind some residue on your face (especially around the forehead, temples and near the ears). This leads to tiny bumps around those areas that lead to pimples and acne. Make sure you cleanse your face after rinsing out your hair post wash to avoid this from happening.

3) Using the wrong ingredients

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Keeping your face squeaky clean is one of the most important rules to keep acne at bay but many (just like us) forget to read all the ingredients that are in the face wash we use to cleanse our faces. Many ingredients and formulas do not suit all skin types and you might be allergic to certain ingredients in a face wash that cause dryness, irritation and eventually acne. It’s important you always take a patch test on your arm or jaw to prevent reactions on your face.

4) Stress

Causes of acne - stress

With a pandemic and other factors affecting our mental wellbeing, it’s very likely to affect your skin too. Often, we forget that the skin is the largest organ of the human body that also reacts to internal and external factors, such as stress. Take care of your mental health and find ways to cope with stress. You could look at practicing yoga, physical exercise, meditation or any other activity that helps you decompress and relax.

5) Fluctuating hormones

Causes of acne - fluctuating hormones

Often genetics that are passed down from our parents or within our bodies natural chemistry could lead to some hormonal issues that reflect on your face. Hormonal issues such as PCOS and PCOD are the causes of painful, cystic breakouts that go undetected because they’re left untreated. Pregnancy and menopause also result in fluctuating hormones and skin issues. In these situations, it is advisable to reach out to a gynaecologist to help you diagnose and manage your condition better. A dermatologist can also be helpful for prescription medication if it is needed.

6) Touching your face

Causes of acne 6

Even though it seems the most obvious, touching your face contributes to the spread of germs through touch. The sweat, dead skin cells and surfaces your fingers have been one ultimately land on your face, leading to all that dirt being transferred to your pores that cause acne. Try keeping your fingers and palms away from your face. 

Trust us, a small change in your routine could make a big difference! Maintaining a routine for your skin’s needs is the best way to get healthy skin, no matter what season or concern you would be worried about. Read all our skin care articles here and shop our Acne Control Range here.

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