Everything you need to know about sanitary pads
MenstruationPeriods and PMS

Everything you need to know about sanitary pads

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When it’s time for your first period, every girl has wondered about the usage, function and comfort that a sanitary pad can provide during the menstrual cycle. We want to make sure that whenever you need to know anything about your sanitary pad, we’ve got you covered!

These are all the things you need to know about your pads:

  1. What is a sanitary pad?

A sanitary pad (also known as a sanitary napkin or menstrual pad) is a thin pad made of absorbent material that absorbs all menstrual fluid during your period. It is a menstrual hygiene product that is worn externally compared to tampons and menstrual cups that have to be inserted into the vagina.

  1. Why choose a pad?

Since a pad is not inserted inside your body, it’s one of the safer menstrual hygiene products you can use if you’ve just started getting your period. With them being made with more absorbent and non-toxic materials, they are also more comfortable to use. That being said, it is advised to look at the various options available so that you can pick the right pad for your flow. 

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  1. Types of Sanitary Pads 

There are various types of pads available in the market today for you to select. Reusable or washable sanitary pads have an insert for liners that can be reused post a thorough wash while some can opt for a heavy flow pad that absorbs the most for your heavier days to ensure comfort. They vary in length as well so that you can have a good night’s sleep to avoid any leakage.

  1. Are all sanitary pads reusable?

All pads are not reusable. Even the reusable pads have a shelf life depending on the brand but remember that hygiene and comfort play a huge role during your menstrual cycle. Rashes and infections are all possible outcomes of poor vaginal health during your period. Most pads need to be replaced every 4-6 hours to avoid bacterial buildup but it can also differ depending on your type of flow and the type of pad used.

  1. How to use a sanitary pad?

Using a pad is pretty easy. Firstly, you need to unwrap the pad from its case (keep the cover for disposal later) and look for the strip of paper that will expose the adhesive once removed. Place the pad, sticky side down, over the center of your underwear and fold the wings on both sides to secure it completely. This will ensure your pad is gripped perfectly.

  1. How to properly dispose of a sanitary pad?

Removing and disposing of your pad in the right, comfortable way is always important. To do so, peel off the wings from the sides of your underwear first, then hold the top front edge of the pad and slowly pull it away from the material of your panties till it’s completely removed. Once the pad is out, you can use the same cover it originally came in.

comfortable sanitary pads

When it comes to taking a call on your menstrual needs, making an informed choice with total control over your physical health is what matters the most. Noting all these concerns in mind, we’ve upgraded our sanitary pads to make sure all your menstrual needs are met. Take a look at out new and improved Nua Sanitary Pads, co-created by you.

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