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Fitness apps that can help you achieve your goals

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Joining the fitness revolution can be a daunting task however, the perks that come with a healthy lifestyle are unmatched.

There is a new trend in fitness apps or workout apps that can help you achieve your goals. Fitness never looked so easy!

These apps aim to turn every couch potato into a fitness fanatic. Being fit and healthy drastically improves your quality of life and you can see and feel yourself changing for the better.

These apps help you in tracking your caloric intake, logging in your workouts, tracking your sleep and mental wellbeing as well. All of these factors are vital for a fit and healthy lifestyle. Having these fitness apps just a tap away on your device can help you achieve your fitness goals and thus, make taking the next step to a healthy lifestyle much easier.

So which apps are going to change your life?

1. MyFitnessPal

fitness Woman doing yoga - fitness apps


From tracking your calorie intake to logging in your workouts and water intake, this app encompasses everything required to become fit! They have an enormous library that will help you log in any food that you consume, and even put in your own recipes. It will help you figure out everything required in your fitness journey and pave the way.

2. C25K

fitness woman jogging - fitness apps

Always wanted to be a good runner but it seemed like an impossible task? Not anymore! This fitness app, called Couch to 5k, will literally help you do exactly that. Just 8 weeks to become a better runner and start achieving your goals. If you’re more of a wanderer, trekking is another great way to get into shape

3. Strong Workout Tracker

fitness woman lifting weights - fitness apps

Do the weights intimidate you? Not anymore! This fitness app will help you log in all those personal records and make the weight room your favourite place for a workout session. The friendly UI will make all your progress easier to remember and work (out) with.

4. Nourishly

fitness healthy plate - fitness apps

Fitness is about more than just gym PRs and calories. This fitness app tracks you mental well-being, sleep, and stress level along with meals and exercise. This app will help you pave the way for a healthier you- in a holistic manner.

These fitness apps will be there to guide you through your fitness journey and ensure that you become the healthiest version of yourself. The journey can be hard, but oh, so worth it!


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