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Trekking on your period – How to deal with it

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Are your period dates coinciding with your trekking plans? Does that make you want to cancel the trip because of maintaining hygiene practices? If yes, then read on because you are about to reconsider that decision of cancelling your trek.

We asked Nua women to tell us what stops them from ‘trekking on your period’. Based on their answers, we are going to try to clear out a few of their misconceptions.

 Trekking on your period causes cramps?

This isn’t true! Although most women voted to have turned down a trek because of ‘chums’, it’s a myth that exertion makes your cramps worse. In fact, it’s a form of exercise that relieves the lower back pain or stomach pain. A breath of fresh air atop the mountain can also have relaxing effects on you. However, if you’re someone who gets extreme menstrual cramps and exertion makes it worst, only then should you think of cancel going for the trek.

How to pack right when you’re trekking on your period?

Carry sufficient number of sanitary pads in your back pack. Keep in mind that your sanitary kit is going to occupy space and you may have to sacrifice carrying a few other things which you usually do. So, pack light & smart. Also, carry an extra pair of pants and lots of panties. So, the key to packing right is organizing and carrying all that you need over what you want to take along.

What if I stain while trekking on your period?

What if you stain on a perfectly normal day while commuting to your office or college? You would still carry on with your day, right? Treks are no different. The best way is to inform a friend to warn you when you stain. After all, what are friends for? Another hack is to tie your sweatshirt or jacket around your waist. This way, even if there is any accident, nobody would know. As soon as your troop takes a break or when you’ve reached your spot, you can quickly change your sanitary pad.

How do I dispose pads on the trek?

First of all, kudos on being this eco-conscious. While trekking on your periods is a good idea, polluting the environment with sanitary pads isn’t. Hence, we must be careful about disposing them the right way for maintaining hygiene practices. Carry lots of Ziplock bags. You can simply put your used pad in the ziplock & seal it and carry it back with you where you can discard it. Don’t worry, the ziplock will block all odour.

How can we maintain hygiene during treks?

The answer is lots and lots of unscented wet wipes and hand sanitizer! If you are on a backpacking trip, chances of finding a proper toilet are scarce. At such times, you’d have to do your thing in the woods. And, that’s completely okay. But, you must practice proper hygiene to avoid any infections that you may contract during your visit. You can read more about the importance of menstrual hygiene here.

Is it okay to discuss period with your trek leader?

Definitely (if you’re comfortable)!  Men don’t get periods but are fully aware of what it is and what women go through. So, if you want to slow down or take a break or need to do a quick check on your pad, don’t be shy. All trek leaders have been well informed about periods during their lessons. So, they may even help you with a quick solution to help you get more comfortable.

Any special tips for period treks?

H2O! Staying hydrated is important. While drinking water is advised for activities involving physical exertion, it is especially crucial to stay hydrated when trekking on your periods.

Also, it’s a good idea to carry some quick relief meds as prescribed by your doctor. Usually, a medical kit equipped with painkillers and paracetamols is always available with the trek leaders.

Trekking is more about conquering your inner self than the mountains. So, don’t let anything stop you from reaching to the top, especially periods and maintaining hygiene practices! And, when you do, don’t forget to share those pictures with us!

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