Need a Period Shower Routine? Here are 5 perfect steps.
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Period Hygiene: The perfect period shower routine

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Have you been told that taking a shower during periods is bad? Is that a yes? Well, the truth is quite different. Like most myths about periods, it is a word of mouth that does not have any factual evidence. On the contrary maintaining proper vaginal hygiene during periods is absolutely essential, especially when it comes to a period shower routine.

It can get messy because we tend to notice the blood flow while taking a bath, but it is a safe and healthy practice to ensure your immunity is not compromised when you’re on your periods. 

Here are 5 ways to build that perfect period shower routine:

1. Always remove the pads or other product

The idea of seeing blood flow in the shower isn’t a very pleasant one but it is better to let the blood rinse off. When we keep our pads or any product on, the blood can get stuck to our pubic hair. This may cause itching, rashes, and other skin irritations. Before you start the ritual of a period shower, remove any possible blood or residue from the skin. During your bath, wash your genital area with water to ensure that no blood is stuck to your skin or hair. 

2. Only clean the outside

Our system is quite wonderful and our vagina tends to clean itself! Due to this, there is no requirement to clean the insides during a period shower. Also, this is why most gynaecologists strongly recommend against leaving any kind of sanitary products on the vagina for too long, as it can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. You only have to wash the labia, perineum, and anus to maintain vaginal hygiene. 

3. Shower in lukewarm water at least once a day

There is no need to say goodbye to your lovely bath routines because of periods. In fact, it is always recommended that you maintain a proper hygiene routine especially when your periods are on. You might want to avoid cold water and instead give yourself a warm wash. This will reduce risk of infection and may help prevent odour. Think of it as your very own customized period shower routine instead!

4. Avoid harsh soaps or other products

Like we said before, the vagina is a self-cleansing part of our body. You do not have to wash the inside. Also, it is recommended that you do not apply deodorants or soap inside your vagina as that may cause irritation. It is absolutely normal for your vagina to smell but if it has a strong, fishy odour we suggest that you visit a gynaecologist. If you’re looking to keep the external area of skin around the vulva clean, our Foaming Intimate Wash is specially formulated to make sure your skin’s pH levels are balance without compromising your hygiene.

5. Wear a clean, fresh set of underwear

We suggest that you don’t wear the same underwear that you had on before you take your period shower. Always switch to a fresh set and a fresh sanitary product after the bath for the best vaginal hygiene. During menstruation, it is important that everything you use is clean as this is the time when you are more susceptible to infection. 

Periods are messy but they are never dirty! 

Your menstrual cycle is a normal process and it fits perfectly into your life. Creating a routine around your menstrual health and cycle ensures that you do not deprive yourself of anything when on periods – because there is no need to do so! Wash yourself regularly, even on your periods.

The myths can make a good story but they are not all helpful! To find out more about period myths read here. You can also check out more on period hygiene, right here.

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