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Vaginal Odour – Everything you need to know!

September 16, 2018
Vaginal Odour – Everything you need to know!

You asked, we’ve brought you the scoop – all about vaginal odour, read on!

First things first, it’s normal for you to have a vaginal smell. However, a strong, unpleasant vaginal odour could indicate poor hygiene or even an infection.

A clean vagina is a healthy vagina:

The vagina has a very delicate PH balance. Anything that upsets this balance can cause an odour.

The cause for the unpleasant odour from your vagina could be as simple as sweat. Cotton underwear is the best kind to help absorb the sweat.

Besides this, keeping your vagina and the area around it clean and groomed is essential. Using a feminine hygiene wash (not inside the vagina) will help you feel fresh and maintain good hygiene – especially during your period. Don’t forget to use a scissor to trim your pubic hair.

Watch out for Bacterial Vaginosis:
Bacterial vaginosis

Source: std.tyapkin.com

Smoking, washing the insides of your vagina (douching) and unprotected sex can cause this infection. The symptoms include a thin green-ish discharge, a fishy odour and a burning sensation when you pee.

There are various other infections that can cause foul odours from the vagina. If you’re experiencing a strong, unbearable stench along with itchiness or redness, make sure to visit your gynaecologist.

Say no to chemicals!

Say no to chemicals

Perfumes, prints and other chemicals on your tampons or on the surface of your sanitary napkin can cause a rash or infection leading to unpleasant, “bleachy” smelling odours from the vagina. Nua pads have a chemical free top layer – check them out on nuawoman.com

Odour can also be a result of the condoms and lubricant that you use. Try a few different options until you find something that suits you best.

Your diet:
Healthy diet

Source: Health24

Your diet greatly contributes to the health of your vagina. Probiotics, fruits etc. can make your vagina smell neutral or sweet whereas more pungently scented foods can have a reserve effect on the smell.

To sum it all up, vaginal odours can be caused by various factors. The best way to avoid an unpleasant odour is to keep it clean, practice safe sex, abstain from using the wrong products and maintain a good diet.

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