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Period workout- 5 exercises that help

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Source: Yoga Journal

Do you tend to avoid the gym and curl up on the couch during that time of the month? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Yes, you might feel tired and a bit crampy, but if your menstrual symptoms aren’t unbearable, there’s really no reason to skip normal activities. It’s a known fact that a good a workout during your period might actually help to ease some of those common pains. Trust us, it’s totally worth getting your lovely behind off the couch (and moving!) while you’re menstruating.

Benefits of working out during your period:

* Boosts your mood and combats PMS

* Enhances blood circulation and eases menstrual cramps

* Exercising beats fatigue and headaches

* Regulates irregular periods naturally

* Combats excess water retention or bloating

What exercises should you be doing while you’re on your period?

You don’t need a hardcore cardio workout to experience the benefits of exercise during your period. A short, brisk walk or stretching in your living room is also fine. The key to experience any of the above-mentioned benefits is to literally do any kind of exercise. That said, here are 5 exercises that you can schedule into your routine with ease whilst on your period:


Yoga during periods

Source: Harvard Health


1. Yoga: By trying some breathing and relaxation exercises, you can reduce stress and tension, in both mind and body. There are yoga postures that have been created specifically for the abdomen that can soothe painful period pain.


Cardio during periods

Source: Wellness Rx

2. Cardio: If you don’t feel enthusiastic about performing at your usual intensity, try some simpler aerobic exercises like running on a treadmill, Pilates, etc. If you play any games, continuing with sports during your periods is a good idea. These exercises always help deal with period cramps.


Lifting weights during periods


3. Lifting Weight: If you don’t feel like moving around much, try lifting weights during your periods. You can burn calories even when at rest. Do smaller sets with lighter weights, as long as you target major muscle groups.

4. Stretching: Stretching helps lengthen muscles and reduce cramping. A stretch where you bring your knees into your chest (standing or lying) can alleviate menstrual back pain.


Dancing during periods


5. Dancing: Grooving to the music goes a long way toward feeling better overall. Taking a Zumba class or even turning on the music in your own home and dancing can liven up a dreary day.

If you feel like working out during your period, there is nothing that should stop you. Use physical activity to combat period problems such as PMS, menstrual cramps and tiredness. The key is to simply get moving in a way that releases endorphins and increases your well-being.

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