Summer tips to keep your vagina healthy, happy and cool

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The sweaty, itchy season is upon us but, what if we tell you that we have some awesome hacks to keep you cool? Read on for some summer tips to keep your vagina healthy, happy & cool.
Summer is a loveable season only till you’re indoors or in an air-conditioned room. The moment you step outside, the blazing heat makes you think whether stepping out was a good idea after all. And, before you know it, you’re drenched in sweat, washing away all your excitement for summer. The nights are better than the day but are still spent tossing in bed from one side to the other and flipping the pillow to feel its cool side every five minutes, until you finally fall asleep. While we can’t ensure that the summers will be thoroughly enjoyable, we sure know how they can be made more comfortable.

We have found 7 effective & affordable tips and tricks that could make the summer heat pleasant for your lady bits 🙂

1. Wear 100% cotton underwear

Cotton is known for being a fantastic absorber of sweat. The synthetic material may get a little sticky due to perspiration and cause discomfort throughout the day. Loose cotton underwear absorbs body fluids and helps you move freely. In summers, try choosing comfort over style.

Sweaty innerwear can also cause a yeast infection. It is absolutely necessary to change your panty once a day. Changing into new underwear before sleeping is an absolute must. Cotton is king!

2. Keep the hair trimmed

Untrimmed hair can cause friction with your inner-wear which can lead to rashes. It also traps sweat for long hours which can be the reason for yeast formation and odour. If you haven’t done it before and are unsure of the technique that’ll best suit you, we would suggest you visit a gynaecologist for help.

3. A strict no-no to scented deodorants down there

Deodorants and scented cleaning agents do not help you get rid of the odour but just cover it up. The chemicals present in them disturb the vagina PH levels which manifests naturally in the vaginal area. The vagina is an extremely sensitive area. The chemical from the deodorants can lead to an infection making things worse for you.

4. Loose Cotton Bottoms

Avoid tight clothes as much as possible. Your skin needs to breathe to dry up quickly. Loose clothes reduce friction and facilitate air flow in your pelvic and groin region. Cotton, as a fabric, enables air-circulation which helps in drying sweat faster thereby preventing bacterial and fungal growth. Tight-fitting clothes are a hindrance to air-circulation. You need space between the fabric and your body in order to let the hot summer air evaporate and for that, you need to wear loose clothes.

5. Bed chills!

Sprinkling cold water on the mattress and covering it with a relatively thick sheet right before sleepy time is a practice common in North India when temperatures soar. This routine, however, is tedious and inefficient as the water dries off immediately leaving your clothes wet. A chicer practice would be to either stuff gel ice-packs under the sheets and over the mattress or, pack your bed sheets and bed covers in plastic cases and deep-freeze them a couple of hours before you use them.

6. Keep yourself hydrated!

To give yourself relief from bloating and excessive cramps, keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 9 -12 glasses of water. You can also try out coconut water as it not only gives a little tickle to your taste buds but can be extremely refreshing on a hot day. Also, it can be a soothing process for your periods as coconut water is known to be heavy on electrolytes. This helps ease cramps and can also increase immunity.

7. Go leafy!

Whether summers or not, leafy vegetables can always be a great help for your periods. They not only fuel your body with all the required energy but can also be great regulators for your cycles.

You can read some do’s & don’t’s for maintaining good vaginal hygiene all year long here.

So Nua women, we hope you have taken notes and are all set to brace the summers. Try these tips and tell us about your experience.

What are your personal tips for keeping cool during summers and helping with vulvar health? Share them with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear them 🙂 

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