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5 common period symptoms we dread

June 21, 2018
Irregular Periods

Every month the uterus dutifully prepares its lining in the hope of receiving a very special guest – the fertilised egg. If the visitor doesn’t arrive, the uterus has to divest itself of the lining, so that it can do the same thing all over again the next month. It’s what we ladies know as ‘menstrual cycle’ or ‘periods’  As though bleeding from the vagina 5 days a month, every month for 30-40 years of one’s life isn’t enough –…

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Image of an ancient Egyptian woman in a kemetic yoga pose
Community Debunking Myths

Revealing the history of the sanitary pad

Speak about the history of the sanitary pad or the evolution of the sanitary pad – and mention must be made of Herodotus, a Greek historian who is also grandly known as ‘the Father of History’. So, it’s hardly surprising that the history of…

February 14, 2018
Periods Work Life

How to ace your work day during your period

Work days during your period can be tough. Are you one those people who hopes that your period would start on a weekend, so you can have a productive weekday? You’re not alone in thinking that menstruation affects productivity. Cramps, heavy flow days, pimples,…

January 2, 2018