How to ace your work day during your period

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Work days during your period can be tough. Are you one those people who hopes that your period would start on a weekend, so you can have a productive weekday? You’re not alone in thinking that menstruation affects productivity. Cramps, heavy flow days, pimples, mood swings we’ve all been subjected to one or the other. But you know what they say… when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade.

Here are some steps to ace your work days through periods and PMS:

  1. Keep track of your cycle

Planning is key when you’re working. It’s even more crucial on days when you’re menstruating. So, make sure you know when your period is due, so you can be prepared for those days and plan accordingly. There are many Apps on Google play you can download to track your period.

  1. Make a period work plan

Your period is the best time for organization. Use this time to do things you’ve been avoiding the entire month. Declutter and organize your desk and files. Plan your work schedule and do rough research for your upcoming projects, so that you’ll be prepared to go all in once your period ends. Try to avoid taking up important new client meetings, job interviews or any public speaking engagements.

Period work plan for work days

  1. Prepare a ‘period care package’ for yourself

Now that you know when your period is due, make sure to stay prepared for it. To make life simpler, subscribe to our monthly Nua pack so you don’t have to worry about shopping. Along with your NUA package, keep a little comfort handy! Cramp Comfort hugs your body and, through self-generated heat, it will keep you relieved for 8 hours.

  1. Eat healthy and often

Pack yourself small healthy snacks that you can munch on at regular intervals. Make sure to eat less but often, your metabolism needs all the help it can get during this time. Lots of vegetables and food containing iron is the way to go. Pack some pomegranate seeds, berries, bananas or citrus fruits as a late morning snack. Go with some dates, walnuts and almonds for an evening snack. Remember to steer clear of salty food and coffee, since they can cause bloating and aggravate mood swings.

Eating healthy on work days

  1. Drink lots of water

It’s good to drink plenty of water, but during your period it’s crucial that you drink even more. This prevents bloating and dehydration and helps you remain energetic throughout the day.

Staying hydrated on work days

  1. Treat yourself

Menstruation can be tough but that’s no reason to sulk all week long. Dress well even if you don’t feel well. Put some effort into looking good. When you look good, you feel good. Take this time to pamper yourself with whatever usually makes you feel good. Get flowers for your desk or wear those heels you bought last month.

Treat yourself on period work days

  1. Don’t skip exercise

If your daily exercise routine is too strenuous, tone it down. Make sure to do light stretches and breathing exercises that increases blood flow. Yoga and meditation are great stress relievers. Exercise is an instant endorphin booster and we sure could use some happy hormones during that time of the month.

Exercise on period work days

Rather than dreading your period, all you need to do is take care of yourself and plan your work around your uterus so that neither you nor your work has to suffer. We have a whole list of articles from experts about how you can deal with your period pain. You can read them here.

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