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This is what makes Deepika Padukone a Nua Woman !

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When it comes to wellness, Nua has always looked for ways to transcend beyond what we already see in this space. Of course, no one’s wellness journey begins without addressing one of the most prevalent yet underrated and underserved needs – menstrual wellness.

The culture of silence around menstrual wellness in India made space for us to start helping women with their most basic wellness needs. For multiple players in this industry, the journey stops at taking care of your menstrual needs when your period arrives each month, but what about the problems faced before or after your menstrual cycle?

Women need the education, support, and positive assurance to be able to channel our true selves and take care of our needs. At Nua, we understand that your needs don’t start and stop with product solutions. 

We aim to solve real problems that women face in aspects that impact them the most. Whether it is menstrual hygiene, intimate care, period-causing acne, and much more. 

Every woman’s body is made different, just like her individuality. A woman cannot be confined to the demography she falls under; she is so much more than that. She can be confident and self-assured yet be vulnerable when she’s in a tough situation. She can be bold and brave but can ask for help when needed. 

She is all of us – in some way, shape, and form and that’s what every Nua woman embodies. 

Deepika Padukone - Nua Woman

Deepika Padukone is not just an actor who has charmed the country with her talent and her dazzling personality, but is also a Nua woman that stands for what we believe in. For having such a large presence, the type of pressure that someone in her shoes can face could be crippling. Her highs and lows are publicly displayed, yet she embraces, accepts, and acknowledges them. She owns both her successes and failures with grace and showcases them just like any Nua woman would!

Just like Deepika Padukone’s ideology to bring about a positive change in society, we at Nua want to be a part of the journey for all women. Come join us on our journey to ensure your wellness needs are met, one step at a time.

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