Top 5 guilt-free period snacks to indulge in
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Top 5 guilt-free period snacks to indulge in

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That feeling when your period pains are spiking right up your body but all your mind can think of is how the warm froth of the hot chocolate is smelling like happiness! It is a strange feeling, isn’t it? When we want to nibble on almost anything while our lower abdomen squeezes in pain.

Craving for food, in all its glorious forms, is one of the most commonly experienced moments in our periods. And while you should eat what you want to eat, it is always necessary to watch what you are eating – especially when you are on your periods. 

To make sure that you eat guilt-free, we have made a list of 5 snacks that you can indulge in:

1. Dark chocolate

Yup! That’s the good news. You can have dark chocolate during your periods and the best part is dark chocolates are actually good for you. They can be an excellent source of magnesium and can help by regulating your mood swings. With a slight boost of energy, it can sometimes also help to relieve you from all the period fatigue. And if none of that convinces you, well, it’s just a nice thing to have while you are relaxing! 

2. A bowl of fruits

Remember how our mothers always tell us, “eat lots of fruits!” This might be the right time to actually do it. A nice fruit salad or a bowl of fruits with bananas, oranges, and watermelons can act like the perfect companion to help you get through. They help by keeping you hydrated and naturally keep that fatigue away. Also, it is the most easily available snack there is!

3. A handful of nuts

Speaking of nibbling, don’t we just love to take small bites every now and then? Nuts are a wonderful way to keep your mouth busy without worrying about consuming too much junk food. It is just about right to keep you distracted and not too flashy for your body which at this moment needs some rest.*

(*Please note: If you are allergic to nuts, we do not recommend you try this.)

4. Popcorn

Periods mean rewinding with your favorite TV shows and what better partner to do so with than popcorn! The only catch here is to keep those heavy side alternatives or too much salt away. They are not helpful at this moment. Instead try to have homemade popcorn, one which is free from all the topping. Or maybe dig into that bowl of makhana!

5. Oatmeal

Needless to say, oatmeal can be pretty beneficial for your body. As a whole-grain food, it can be incredibly nutritious. It is known to be an excellent source of antioxidants and is high on protein… something you can do with during your periods!

Periods aren’t the time to say ‘No’ to yourself. But these are the times when you can say to yourself, “You can get this right!”

With a little warmth and some delicious, healthy snacks, periods aren’t all that hard. As we have said time and again, it is a natural process and so are your cravings. So give yourself a break and dig in! For more tips on maintaining nutrition for  proper health, you can read our section right here.

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