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The importance of menstrual hygiene

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Female menstrual hygiene and menstrual care is important, not just during your periods but otherwise too! During your periods keeping your genitals clean is imperative. Women are generally more susceptible to bacterial infections during their period because of the change in the vagina’s PH level.

Follow these simple steps to have a more bearable and infection free period:

menstrual hygiene

1) Wash your genital area

Take lukewarm water and thoroughly wash your vaginal area. Steer away from using perfumed shower gels or soaps as this upsets the vagina’s sensitive pH balance. Douching or washing inside your vagina is generally a bad idea with or without your period.

2) Change your underwear and sanitary pad

Ensure you wear fresh underwear every single day. Also, change your sanitary pad at regular intervals to avoid menstrual odour and maintain hygiene.

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3) Avoid Tight Clothing

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Do away with wearing synthetic tight clothes during your period. These clothes are usually the cause of extra moisture and heat within turn allow bacteria to thrive. A good option is cotton underwear and light airy clothing.

4) Wipe/wash Right

When you wipe your vaginal area go from front to back to avoid bacteria from being transmitted.

5) Discard Properly

Wrap the sanitary napkins in a disposable cover and get rid of them in a closed dustbin. Never flush them down the toilet. Inefficient disposal methods can cause serious infections.

Nua provides a disposal cover with each of our sanitary pads for hassle-free disposal!

Maintain cleanliness to wade through your periods comfortably. Nua pads come with a top layer that’s free of print or perfume which tend to cause rashes. Customise your pack on!


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