Why Nua sanitary pads are safe for the first period
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Why Nua sanitary pads are safe for the first period

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Every woman has used a sanitary pad at least once in her life, but there aren’t the same number of women who actually wonder if a sanitary pad is safe to use. Most mother’s often give young girls a pad for their first period, but what makes it safe to use?

Here are a few things that make Nua’s sanitary pad the safest product to use for beginners

1. They #GoWithYourFlow

Every woman experiences a few fluctuations in her period flow when menstruation starts for the first time. This can make it a bit confusing to figure out which pads would be needed on the days your flow is light or heavy. Luckily, Nua’s customized pads come in 3 different sizes for your menstruation needs! 

2. Made safe, for your comfort

Our goal is to give every woman a comfortable period experience, that’s why our pads are made 100% safe – vegan and cruelty-free! Our toxin-free approach – for ultimate comfort for your menstruation – has a soft rash-free top layer that also keeps away any discomfort for an easy period.

3. Delivery right to your doorstep

Periods can be stressful, especially if you’re out of sanitary pads! Nua’s auto-repeat plan is designed to take a huge part of that stress away from you. Choose a plan that works for your preferred delivery date. What’s even better is that you’d never run out of pads again!

4. They’re made with your feedback

We learn a lot from our community of over 4 lakh members. Be it through conversations or through products, we always look for a chance to improve ourselves while connecting with you. This led us to relook at our sanitary pads, and upgrade them with your needs in mind. Adding a better absorbent core, wider wings, and no-fragrance, it’s designed by us but co-created by you. 

The first period can be a bit intimidating, so we’ve got something special to help you (or your child) out!

First period sanitary pad kit.

Nua’s First Period Welcome Kit is specially curated to make this time as comfortable as possible – for the girl, as well as the parents. With an array of sanitary pads, heat patches, skincare, and some extra goodies all together in a pouch, it’s got everything to help #GoWithYourFlow during your menstruation days.

We aim to help you take care of all your menstrual needs. Take a look at our range of products for all your period essentials here.

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