5 benefits of masturbation for women
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5 benefits of masturbation for women

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These days, we speak about female sexuality a lot more than what we used to two decades ago. Thanks to education and a generation of parents who made the conscious effort of sending their daughters to school, women are now more aware about what they want, how they want to lead their lives and what their sexuality means to them. Through their education and will power women are engaging in more dialogues about their body and health. These dialogues are making women aware about their bodies’ sexual needs and more women are trying to explore their bodies through masturbation.

Masturbation is when a woman stimulates her genitals for sexual pleasure, which may or may not lead to an orgasm. It is common among women of all ages and plays a role in healthy sexual development. A private and a personal choice, which is meant to be respected, women’s sexual awareness forms a crucial part of their wellbeing.

Women masturbate for several reasons like pleasure, enjoyment, tension release and in absence or unavailability of a partner. Most individuals masturbate alone and very few masturbate with a partner. Research has found that in India, 24% or lower percent of females masturbate.

There is often no scientific proof to show that masturbation causes any side effects. There are several myths around female masturbation and some of them include:

  • hair loss or brittle nails
  • acne
  • infertility
  • loss of sight
  • physical weakness

Masturbation is absolutely harmless but some people may experience chafing of skin if they are too rough; however this will usually heal in a few days. Other effects may be a reduced sexual sensitivity.

There are several benefits of mastrubation, too, such as:

  • relieve menstrual cramps
  • reduction of mental stress
  • improved sleep quality
  • encourages good mood
  • higher concentration
  • promoting self worth with or without a partner
  • improves sexual life
  • preventing STIs and HIV transmission

And in a nutshell, masturbation is beneficial because:

  1. It is healthy, normal and absolutely safe
  2. It can reduce stress and anxiety
  3. It can help you sleep better
  4. There is no emotional liability except to yourself, and self dependence is always a good idea
  5. It boosts confidence whether or not you have a partner

Masturbation is a personal choice every woman has a right to make. It is a realisation that a woman in her own body is most comfortable and she does not have to depend on anyone in order to maintain her sexual life.

Note: We want our community to find the correct information when it comes to sexual health and our experts help us provide them with authentic information. To read and know more about sexual health and its various aspects, check out our articles here.

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Dr. Sharmila Majumdar is one of the first certified female Sexologist in India, who specializes in Female & Male Sexual Dysfunction, and Mental Health. She has done her M.S. in Human Sexuality, M.Phil in Psychoanalysis , PHD in Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Sexually Maladaptive Behavior and finally her Fellowship from Mount Sinai School Of Medicine, Icahn , USA, in Treatment Resistant Depression. She is the director and senior consultant sexologist at the sexual and mental health clinic, Avis hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.
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