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The importance of mental wellbeing at your workplace

November 26, 2020
The importance of mental wellbeing at your workplace

In 2016, The Wall Street Journal reported that Indian millennials spend more time at work than many of their counterparts, averaging to around 52 hours a week. This has further been heightened during the pandemic, where work hours are stretched, boundaries are broken and the concept of weekends has minimized. As a result, the fast paced and stressful workplace has only intensified leading employees to struggle with work related stress, personal issues as well as the pandemic.  In the last…

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How Nua women use Cramp Comfort
Body Community

How Nua women use Cramp Comfort

Doesn’t it feel great when there is one easy solution to all your problems? Be it a back ache, shoulder pain, neck pain, and of course, period pain, Nua’s Cramp Comfort seems to have become the go-to solution for comfort. We spoke to some…

November 12, 2020
Life as she knows it in a life post-breast cancer
Body Community

Life as she knows it, post-breast cancer

Breast cancer affects close to 2 million women every year globally, according to a study done by WHO*. This year for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we spoke to Reshma Gopaldas who is the Vice President, Video at SHE Media in New York. In…

October 27, 2020
Body hair : a blessing or a curse?
Body Lifestyle

Body hair: a blessing or a curse?

How many of us decide our clothing for an event or party based on the time we have to wax or shave? All of us, isn’t it? Imagine if you had no body hair and you could wear whatever you want, whenever. Such a…

October 6, 2020
From the Nua Desk, with love
Community Work Life

From the Nua Desk, with love

It’s been a few years since the birth of the Nua blog and we are so grateful to you, whether you’re a brand new reader or you’ve been around since day 1. When we choose topics to write about, we’re always thinking about you…

September 1, 2020
Who is a woman’s best friend?
Lifestyle Nutrition

The importance of bacteria in a woman’s body

What is a best friend? A best friend is someone who understands you, fends for you, has fun with you, and supports you at all times making your world a better place. We often use diamonds as an analogy since it symbolizes love, romance,…

August 4, 2020