Checking in with you – physically, mentally and emotionally!
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Checking in with you – physically, mentally and emotionally!

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The last few weeks have been tough on all of us. Whether it’s a conversation with a colleague, a friend or even a stranger, the one thing we all have in common right now is – despair. And lethargy, even if we’re sleeping enough. Stuck, even if you need to be creative. Annoyed, because our WFH lives don’t seem to be changing. Guilt, for being healthy, for not doing more, for having moments of happiness. Anger, that fellow humans are suffering. Overwhelmed, with the news, with content, with social media. 

If you’re feeling like this too, please know that you are not alone. For us at Nua, it’s not just about your period. We don’t care about you only when you’re bleeding… we care about you all the time. All our work is centred around you – the women that make up our community.

With that in mind, we hope everything we have planned helps you even in a small way…

May hosts two very important days – Mother’s Day (May 9) and Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28).

It’s kinda funny that both fall in the same month, isn’t it? After all, if it weren’t for our mothers, would we even have a clue about menstrual hygiene!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re doing something pretty basic – expanding our conversations to include them. Sounds silly? Not really. So far, we’ve been guilty of focusing only on the younger women in our community, because we thought it was a good idea to build a foundation of information and education young girls need, which will help them as they grow into women. However, this month will be a turning point.

We will be creating content on other topics too – fertility, pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause… every single thing a woman may or may not experience because we want to be a destination for every woman – whether you have just got your period or have had it for decades.

The idea of a community is so that we help each other, and pass things down. Information, tips, tricks, and so much more!

A big part of what our mothers give us is knowledge and that important conversation when we get our first period – what is happening to us and how to manage it. Most mothers will tell you the main thing they focus on when talking to their young daughters about this is the importance of hygiene. Which brings us to Menstrual Hygiene Day – but this time, with a twist! All month we will be talking about the four phases of our cycle, because we believe that one must care for their hygiene throughout and not only when they’re bleeding.

After all, #IntimateHygieneIsNotAPhase!

Stay tuned for an exciting May at Nua. 

And stay home. Stay safe. 

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