Going Commando: What it is and what can it do for you down there?
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Going Commando: What it is and what can it do for you down there?

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From trying to avoid visible panty lines through clothing or avoiding the tightness of elastic bands, there are many reasons why women choose to ditch their undergarments and decide to go commando, and feel more comfortable with (and only) their own skin down there. 

The term ‘going commando’ originated when soldiers in the Vietnam War would spend days on a battlefield with limited access to a shower and a very humid climate that led to excessive sweating. In order to avoid any possible infections or unavailability to maintain a shower routine, they would get rid of their preferred undergarment and make do with just their uniforms. 

However, things may not always go smoothly when you take the decision to ditch your undies if and when the mood strikes.

Here are 5 things you should take note of if you want to go commando and maintain hygiene down there: 

1. You could get experience skin irritation

With the additional layer of protection between your body and your clothing, you are likely to experience some chaffing caused due to your skin rubbing against your clothes that could lead to discomfort, rashes and even inflamed skin.

Nua Tip: Avoiding wearing pants and tight clothing. Instead choose to wear loose fitting skirts or dresses that limit friction against your skin down there. 

2. Your clothing will get stained

Feeling breezy down there will also have you with stained clothing due to vaginal discharge. Though it’s a normal body function, the lack of material between your vulva and your underwear will leave your clothes stained, especially if your wardrobe consists of light-coloured clothes.

Nua Tip: Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for stains but try not to sit for long periods of time when you’re underwear-less to avoid discharge buildup.

3. Lack of protection during your periods

When Madam Flow arrives, it’s usually our panties that announce her arrival but with them being gone, your clothing will yet again take a hit. No matter how well you track your cycle or use sanitary pads, tampons and cups, staining your clothes is inevitable and it’s more important to ensure that your menstrual hygiene is maintained.

Nua Tip: Going commando while on your period is definitely not a practical decision. Wear comfortable and breathable underwear instead.

4. There’s always the chance of getting an infection

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), Yeast Infections and other vaginal woes could result from the lack of breathable underwear yet many believe that going commando is the best solution for these possible infections. So, when it comes to avoiding infections, it’s best to avoid synthetic materials. Nylon, lycra and other non absorbent fabrics that could lead to moisture collection and eventually a bacterial infection.

Nua Tip: Avoid going commando if you’re already someone who is prone to infections or wear loose, natural material-based clothing so that your skin down there can breathe.

5. Your movement might be limited

With nothing separating your body from loose skirts and dresses, it’s possible that one wrong move could let people see a bit too much of you, especially if the weather is windy. 

Nua Tip: Make sure the length of your skirts and dresses are below the knee and be aware of your seating position. Pants will have you covered, literally!

As great as it seems to feel comfortable in your own skin, you do not want to face the consequences of irritation and infections by going commando all the time. It’s always safe to take care of yourself and practice good hygiene, no matter what you decide to do with your intimate wear. Read more on its importance here. See Nua’s range of products for intimate hygiene here.

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