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How to remove period blood stains?

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As if getting periods every month is not difficult enough, we also have to deal with how we’re going to remove the blood stains. However careful you are, somehow those period stains appear out of nowhere on your panties, bed sheets, mattresses and even clothes. Probably every single girl has had to throw away quite a few pairs of cute undies or even pants because of the ugly blood stains. When regular soap and water don’t cut it, there are some tricks to remove period blood stains.

Learn these tips today so that you don’t have to throw away your favourite pair of panties again!

Cold water helps keep period blood stains away

This is the easiest way to remove blood stains but it only works on fresh blood. It’s very difficult to remove dry period stains. If you are able to detect the stain immediately, rinse the cloth under cold water while the blood is still fresh. This will not work if the stain has settled on the cloth for a while, so make sure you do it promptly. The cold water expels the blood stains. If your normal tap water is hot, it will instantaneously set the stain. So ensure that you use only cold water for this.

 Cold water helps keep period blood stains away

Save it with salt and water

This is an extremely effective and readily available solution to remove blood stains. Run the stain under cold running water. Make a paste with salt and cold water and apply it on the stain, rubbing the grains of salt on stains. This will gradually cause the blood to come off the cloth as the salt particles are abrasive and have dehydrating properties. As the blood comes off, wash it under cold water. Repeat the process till the stain is completely gone or it can’t be washed any more. Rinse with soap and water.

Mixture of salt and water to remove period blood stains

Vinegar vengeance

Yes, your favourite marinating agent does more than just making the meat tender! Pour some undiluted white vinegar over the blood stains and let it soak. After about 5 to 10 minutes, blot it with a paper towel or a cloth towel. You will see the blood spots clearing up. If necessary, repeat the process till the stain disappears. Wash it well with a delicate soap and water before wearing as the vinegar can cause irritation on the skin.

Vinegar vengeance for period blood stains

Talcum powder to the rescue

This is a handy item when it comes to removing period blood stains and the best thing is that almost every home has a bottle of it whenever you need. Make a thick paste using talcum powder and water and apply this paste evenly over the entire stain and let it dry. Once the paste has dried up completely, brush it off. The powder will leave your cloth, taking along with it the blood stain. In case you don’t have talcum powder, you can use corn starch as well.

Talcum powder & Period Blood stains removal

Cola blast!

This can be of great help when you are outdoors and don’t have access to most ingredients which you can commonly find in a home. Your favourite soda can also be used to remove a blood stain. Soak the stain with cola and leave it out for a few hours. Wash it off and the stain will be gone. For bigger stains, soaking overnight can give you the best result.

Learn how cola can help to remove period blood stains

It is important to understand that bloodstains must be removed as soon as they are spotted else they tend to set. It’s almost impossible to remove period stains after twenty-four to forty eight hours have passed. Therefore, clean it up as soon as you have spotted it!

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