Here’s your period cramp relief solution: Cramp Comfort
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Here’s your period cramp relief solution: Cramp Comfort

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Even after tracking our cycles and scheduling celebrations around our period, sometimes they still manage to make a surprise visit with their arrival. In those moments, we wonder “Is there any way to get period cramp relief?”. And the answer is a big YES!

Menstrual cramps are never easy to handle. The pain experienced in the lower abdomen, back, thighs, and other places can come in the way of performing our daily activities. That’s one of the main reasons why menstruators look for effective cramp relief methods to ease their pain.

Heat therapy has proven to be the most effective way to provide cramp relief. For years, the comfort of a hot water bag was all you needed. However, its pros had an equal number of cons due to its lack of portability, effort, and lack of movement to name a few. 

At Nua, we took this idea of heat therapy and found a way to make it more suitable for our updated and fast-paced lives. Meet Cramp Comfort – cramp relief patches!

Cramp Comfort is an air-activated heat patch that provides warmth to soothe your pain, with a surface that sticks to your underwear or clothing for better grip so that you can move comfortably, and get period cramp relief.

Period Cramp Comfort

What does it do?

Made from 100% natural ingredients, such as iron, vermiculite (clay), activated carbon, salt, and water absorbers, this cramp relief patch warms up to 45-50 degrees Celsius. It keeps your body warm for 8 hours, relieving you from pain.

How does it work to ease the pain?

Using a hot water bag means being worried about handling boiling hot water. This cramp relief patch releases heat on its own so that you can move around comfortably without worrying about carrying something bulky or spilling hot water on your skin.

Know your cramp relief patch

Can it be used on other parts of the body?

Applying heat is a great way to relax the tense muscles you might experience during your period. Cramp comfort can provide cramp relief from the neck, back, and the rest of the body with a surface to hold its place on your clothing.

Can one use a cramp relief patch more than once a day?

You can experience period cramp relief by using Cramp Comfort once in 24 hours. Exposure to too much heat on your skin isn’t the best as it can leave it irritated. You should also avoid using the cramp relief patch when you sleep at night as it could go over the recommended 8-hour duration.

So, whether you feel like going out or staying in bed, Cramp Comfort offers total period care, for you to #GoWithYourFlow. Get yours today!

When it comes to taking a call on your menstrual needs, making an informed choice with total control over your physical health is what matters the most. Taking all your concerns in mind, our products are curated to help you with your menstrual needs, one period at a time.

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