11 tips to reduce period cramps
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10 safe tips to reduce period cramps

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Even a mention of period cramps makes most women cringe.

Most women experience period cramps a few days prior to their period and sometimes even throughout their menstruation. They are one of the most dreadful things that we have to go through every month, and for some of us it can be hard to find period cramp relief. The uterus contracts, that is- it squeezes, making the lining come off the walls of your uterus and leave your body. For some, its very hard to reduce period cramps.

While period cramps are inevitable every month, there are a number of ways to curb the pain.

Here are 10 tips to reduce period cramps for you to feel more comfortable:

1. Consume lots of water to provide period pain relief

Prevent your body from getting dehydrated by sipping on water at intervals. Water intake can help to regulate proper functioning of the body cells therefore resulting in period pain relief.

Hence, lack of water in the system, especially during periods can put added mental and physical stress on women.

2. Apply a heat patch for period cramp relief

Applying a heat patch  can help relieve menstrual cramps. One small study published in 2001 in Evidence-Based Nursing found that topically applied heat is just as effective as ibuprofen for period cramps.

Nua’s expert-led product, Cramp Comfort, is a self-generated heat patch that keeps you warm for 8 hours. You can find your patch here. You can also try our period care products here.

3. Exercise to get rid of period cramps

You may not like the sound of exercise during your period but it is effective in alleviating cramps. Exercising helps relieve endorphins, resulting in reduced or no pain. Moderate forms of activity such as walking or even doing Yoga are proved to be beneficial as opposed to doing strenuous activities.

You can know more about the different Yoga poses here.

4. Follow a healthy diet to reduce period cramps

Maintaining a healthy diet can go a long way in relieving menstrual cramps. Follow a diet that’s high in fibre and essential fats. You may eat food high in calcium such as fruits, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, almonds and dairy products.

Food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, avocado, pumpkin, etc. help reduce muscle cramps during period

5. An orgasm keeps period cramps at bay

Believe it or not, oxytocin and endorphin released during sexual intercourse help in reducing menstrual pain. As weird as it may sound it’s proved to be effective. It releases the same feel-good-endorphins that are released when you exercise.

6. Calm period cramping by sipping on some herbal tea

A cup of Chamomile or Cinnamon tea helps lower pain during menstruation. It’s known to have a calming effect that lasts for a long time. Ginger tea may also be consumed as it has been found to serve as an anti-inflammatory substance which reduces pain.

 7. A hot bubble bath can alleviate period pain

There’s nothing that a nice bubble bath can’t fix. Application of heat is proved to relieve menstrual pain. Hence, a hot bath or shower for quite a long time can help ease the pain.

 8. Acupuncture helps relieve menstrual cramps

Acupuncture is thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Relaxing the nervous system causes more robust blood flow to the internal organs, reducing period pain. Both acupuncture & acupressure give the same benefits.

 9. Massaging with essential oils reduces period cramps

Massaging your lower abdomen with essential oils for about 20 minutes can help reduce menstrual pain. Massage therapy for menstruation involves pressing specific points around your abdomen, side, and back.

10. See your Gynaecologist

When everything else fails and you’re experiencing terrible cramps, just call your doctor. A chat with them is all you need to get instant relief.

Got some more tips for period cramp relief to share to help other Nua women? Share them in the comments below. Happy chumming 🙂 
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