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5 ill effects of drinking on your period

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We work hard and sometimes it’s nice to unwind on your couch with a drink in your hand or go out with your friends for a night on the town. But when undergoing the monthly visit from aunt flo, offering her a drink isn’t such a great idea. Drinking alcohol during your period might make your symptoms worse and in general, isn’t great for your menstrual cycle. This obviously differs from woman to woman but let us explain.

Here’s how drinking alcohol during your period can affect you:

Sipping alcohol during your period can make them irregular

Now periods were never fun, to begin with, and I think we can all attest to that but adding alcohol to the mix will just mess up your calendar. This is because alcohol can temporarily increase your estrogen and testosterone levels, which leads to unexpected periods.

Your cramps may last longer if you consume alcohol during your period

Dealing with cramps is hard enough and in most cases none of us would want it to last any longer than it already does. Drinking leads to dehydration which in turn makes your cramps more intense and last longer. (More on cramp care here:

 Your magnesium levels drop when you have alcohol during your period

In general, your magnesium levels fluctuate during your cycle but alcohol worsens this imbalance and causes the level of magnesium in your body to drop considerably.

This leads to lower blood sugar which can lead to dizziness and sugar cravings.

 Your emotions spiral out of control
effects of alcohol during your period - emotional

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Usually, our emotions aren’t on good terms with us during our periods anyway but alcohol can further increase these mood swings. That’s because alcohol increases your estrogen levels, making you more emotional about otherwise insignificant things.

Drinking alcohol during your period makes your PMS worse

Other than the usual difficulty with which we deal with our PMS symptoms, alcohol only makes it worse. In most cases, your breasts will feel really tender, headaches will feel worse and your emotions will basically be all over the place.

Maybe after reading this you’re realizing you’ve experienced these problems after a night of drinking and maybe you haven’t. All of our bodies will react differently to alcohol but in general, it’s a good idea to lay off the liquid courage when you’re on your periods. 

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