MenstruationPeriods and PMS

5 ill effects of drinking on your period

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Our body and mood alter drastically during menstruation. While some may crave sugary foods others might want to enjoy binge watching Netflix with a glass of wine or any other alcoholic beverage. While some may prefer the taste of alcohol, it can do more harm than good when consumed during periods. Drinking alcohol during your period might make PMS symptoms worse and in general, isn’t great for your menstrual cycle. 

Here’s how drinking alcohol during your period can affect you:

Alcohol can lead to emotional roller-coaster and an increase in PMS symptoms 

During periods, we witness not only physical changes but it also affects us mentally and emotionally. We all have times where we find ourselves crying or getting sad on insignificant things. Rather than calming these mood swings, alcohol can make them more unpleasant by increasing levels of oestrogen and making us more emotional. Similarly, it has an adverse effect on our PMS symptoms as well.  In most cases, your breasts will feel really tender, and you may experience an increase in body pain and headaches. 

Alcohol can make your monthly cycle irregular 

Many factors can affect our menstrual cycle like stress, lifestyle changes and also consumption of alcohol. 

This is majorly because alcohol helps in temporarily increasing oestrogen and testosterone levels, which leads to unexpected and irregular periods.*

Your cramps may last longer

One may think that alcohol during periods can help soothing period cramps but in this case, it’s the contrary. Continuous consumption of alcohol leads to dehydration. This can have an ill effect on your cramps and make them more intense and last longer.

Your magnesium levels drop 

In general, your magnesium levels fluctuate during your cycle but alcohol worsens this imbalance and causes the level of magnesium in your body to drop considerably.

This leads to lower blood sugar which can lead to dizziness and sugar cravings.

It is important to know that everybody is different and may react differently to alcohol. However, it is advised to be at par with alcohol during menstruation to maintain your physical and emotional health.  

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Alcohol During Periods: Is It Good Or Bad?*

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