6 period mistakes we’ve all made
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6 period mistakes we’ve all made

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For many, experiencing your period is already an overwhelming task, especially if you have an important event or day you have to get through. With PMS symptoms and your hormones working overtime, it’s totally normal to make period mistakes! We’ve all lived through moments like that, haven’t we?

Here are 6 period mistakes we all make (that we can now laugh about):

1. Flushing your pads/panty liners

Disposing your sanitary pad the right way is important, not only to maintain the right environmental hygiene but also to avoid contamination. Plus, the urge to flush them down a toilet gets stronger when you don’t have a paper towel to help you ‘hide’ the evidence in a public washroom. Luckily, our new and improved sanitary pads come with a disposal cover that takes care of this issue, forever!

2. Staining your favourite clothing

We’ve all had that cute outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks but the most disappointing feeling is having it ruined by your period staining it, especially if you’re travelling. The stain, of course, is a bit hard to conceal but we’ll always be thankful for our friends and family who have shared their jackets, dupattas and even extra clothing during these times. Sometimes, our period mistakes remind us that we always have help when we need it the most.

3. Choosing panty liners over a pad

Your period at times could be a ninja, sneaking up on you when you least expect it and at times with a different flow than you’re used to. Often our menstrual cycles shift around, it could be due to someone just starting their menstrual journey or even PCOS. In those cases, we sometimes think that a liner would help take care of the situation but the chances of overflowing are very high. This is the most common period mistakes one can make, so you’re not alone. Liners, while very helpful for managing discharge and spotty flow, aren’t a replacement. Period = pads. 

4. Inserting a tampon or menstrual cup  (and freaking out over it)

Truely, looking at a tampon or the smallest menstrual cup for the first time with its additional insertion is very intimidating and nerve wracking. Many opt for them as their preferred menstrual device but using it does need some time to get used to. The trials of the menstrual tool have many survivors with their own versions of these hilarious period mistakes stories, from inserting it the wrong way to keeping the string in sight or even scary ones related to toxic shock syndrome. The one thing we can all agree on, is that it’s given us way more confidence in facing their usage from then on.

5. Sticking your sanitary pad wings to your legs 

Securing your pad to your underwear is something we’re all a bit too aware of, specifically at night while sleeping or when you’re exercising for cramps. If your adhesive is loose, you’re most likely to have the wings stick to the sensitive skin near your vagina or on your thighs. The dread of removing the wings in those situations could be as high as a bikini wax (less painful but equally uncomfortable). Wings are meant to fly but we’re sure not to let them coast over restricted areas.

6. Never having an emergency pad with you

At times, we’re guilty of this mistake out of all the other period mistakes, even today. Some are lucky to have that one mother of the group that always has an extra one in her tote bag but that’s not always the case. As important as it is to carry a mask, it’s equally important to carry an extra pad (or two) in case of an unannounced entrance from Aunt Flow. Let’s greet her accordingly, even if she’s expected early or later on.

The quote ‘Mistakes are meant to be made’ definitely applies to us, in all aspects of life. There are many more such period mistakes we could think of when it comes to that time of the month. Thankfully, they teach us lessons that we remember for future scenarios and even help us manage or avoid them. So make them, move on and laugh about it later.

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