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5 benefits of menstruation

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In our constant attempt to worry about menstruation, we sometimes forget the beauty of it. It is indeed a handful and no woman would disagree! Some women experience cramps, some go through mood swings, some indulge in binge eating, while others bleed for seven days straight. 

But what if we take some time to consider the overall usefulness of menstruation for our body?

Let’s look at the 5 benefits of menstruation:

1. The bond of sisterhood

Haven’t we all at some point in our lives mentioned that hey, we are in sync! When two girls share a room, or they have been best friends for the longest time, or they simply spend a lot of time together, they find one common bond between them – periods. And hence, begins the saga of a legendary friendship. From sharing pads to complaining about the pain, this is where the bond of sisterhood is the strongest. 

2. Makes you aware of your health

We have always mentioned this in our previous articles and we will say it again: menstruation is as natural a process as nature itself. It is your body’s way of telling you that things are working exactly the way they should. On the other hand, irregular periods also tell us a lot about our bodies and what we can do to take better care of ourselves.

3. You understand your sex drive

As our bodies go through various invisible changes during menstruation, it also has an impact on our individual sex drives. This pattern helps us understand and determine how our bodies will react to a probable sexual activity. Also, if we choose to have sex during periods there are chances that we will enjoy the act due to the natural lubrication. However, sex during periods is an absolutely personal choice but always know that it is not forbidden.

4. Helps you manage your mood better

Pretty much all of us have been confused about those sudden bouts of tears. We have asked ourselves, “Really why am I crying? It’s just a star in the night sky!” But due to our monthly menstrual cycles, we are able to understand that our mood swings are the reactions to the changes our bodies are going through. It helps us to know that these swings are normal, and no we are not being unreasonable!

5. The best excuse for self-care

Let’s admit it. We tend to not prioritize ourselves. We always find some excuse or the other to put ourselves as the second in the list. But menstruation is the most natural way of telling ourselves that it’s okay to rest! Our body needs it. 

We hope that you too see menstruation the way we do – a function of our body that benefits our body. At Nua, we encourage everyone to embrace their cycles however they are. Which is why our product design process is thorough and we are careful to ensure that your periods are a bit more simpler. Explore the Nua range of products right here.

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